On this day 225 years ago…

The mutineers had landed on Pitcairn and burnt the HMS Bounty….


Every 23rd of January, Bounty Day is celebrated on Pitcairn island and a replica Bounty is launched onto the water and set alight…

We decided we’d have our own little ritual, Hackney style, to commemorate. I normally wouldn’t waste a Bounty bar like this, but I think its allowed, just this once. I couldn’t be in Pitcairn this January, but in 6 weeks I’ll be landing there, and it’s where I’ll call home for the next three months. I can’t quite believe it!

With your help we’ve raised more than £1500 in two days. That’s pretty incredible, though I do have a bit of a way to go still before I reach my target, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in supporting my project, please do! I’ll be making a proper fundraising video next week so keep an eye out for me embarrassing myself on film very soon!


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