Kickstarter campaign launched!

So it’s been a little while since my last update, but I have been beavering away behind the scenes, filing risk assessments and making sure that my grant is released on time.

The big news is that I’ve finally launched a Kickstarter page, after many days of frustrating editing! I know I look and sound a bit daft, but I’m just going to have to swallow it and hope it’ll be worth the humiliation!

Why, you might ask, would you need Kickstarter when you have GoFundMe set up? Well, the answer is that there are a few reasons… Firstly, I’ve had multiple people having payment problems using GoFundMe, so thought it best to find an alternative.

The second reason is the audience reach – GoFundMe is great for friends and family, but not so great for attracting strangers, or donors that generally want to give. Kickstarter is a reliable brand that people browse to seek out projects.

The other main reason for still running the two is that GoFundMe will release the funds whether my target is reached or not, Kickstarter are an all or nothing platform. This means that unless I reach my target I am left with nothing – so while I hope this doesn’t happen, I think it’s safer given the financial strain of this project to leave the two running. Any excess funds earned (i.e. if i reach my target on both platforms) will simply be used to pay for additional equipment, framing for exhibition, and to help pay for book printing costs.

For now though, if you haven’t donated and intend to do so, perhaps best to use the new Kickstarter so that I can get closer to my target – if I fail, you won’t be charged, so you could support through GoFundMe later on.


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